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A short article by Elena Kharlamova, Global Talent Acquisition Director, E2E Supply Chain & Operations at CSL Behring.

Remote working, Zoom fatigue, increased need for caregiving within families, disappearing leisure habits, direct threat to health and wellbeing that every one of us has experienced in the past two years, combined with fake news, market volatility, unfairness, biases and discrimination still happening in the workplace created unprecedented situation on the global talent market.

In 2021 Gallup reported declining employee engagement, increased worry, stress, anger and sadness as well as lack of respect experienced by employees globally. “Successful corporations of the future not only will generate profits, but also will generate thriving employees who are capable of weathering crises[1].”

How can companies tackle this formidable task? The answer is Human Capital Sustainability that needs to be built into every corporate practice.

At CSL Behring we start with the Base: employee health and safety. A comprehensive wellbeing programme, implemented in 2020, covers online resources supporting mental health, a company-wide annual initiative named “Two weeks without meetings” as well as two paid wellbeing days per year that can be taken by an employee at any given time.

Another important component of Human Capital Sustainability is Bind: at CSL Behring we maintain cohesive culture through extensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices. By building Global Diversity Network, running annual salary audits to ensure gender equity globally, creating College Scholarship Program for underprivileged and underrepresented communities, CSL is bringing together employees of different cultures, backgrounds and experiences to connect around shared interests and foster the culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

[1] State of the Global Workplace 2021 Report, Gallup.

I will be speaking at length about other Human Capital Sustainability principles at the 10th Annual HR Excellence Summit organised by Allan Lloyds Group on November 03-04, 2021. It will be great to connect!

Elena Kharlamova is a Global Talent Acquisition Director, E2E Supply Chain & Operations at CSL Behring. As global Talent Acquisition leader, Elena is passionate about Human Capital sustainability, leading Recruitment, Candidate Experience, Employer Branding and DE&I programmes and delivering on the promise to candidates. She is here to drive marketplace reputation of CSL Behring as Employer of Choice to diverse stakeholder audiences. Elena holds MBA diploma in Management & Technology from Kellogg School of Management. She lives with her husband in Bern, Switzerland.

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