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Find the right combination to create the best solution for banks and Fintechs

What changes should be brought to the forefront to improve the partnerships between the FinTechs and the banks?

In a digital world, banks and Fintechs both need to improve engagement and retention by personalizing the customer experience. Since most customers will only spend a limited time on their mobile banking app, thus by sharing digital expertise with classic finance, the right combination can create the best solution.

How has your company been dealing with the effects of the pandemic and do you feel more prepared for any future unpredictable circumstances?

Yes we have been preparing and developing our platforms to digitization for more than 10 years and we even expanded our group to adopt Fintechs and be able to serve our clients either through classical banking or through our technology-based subsidiaries and sister companies

What are your most valuable tips for a successful future digital banking world?

Digital banking should be based on Fintech solutions as technology trends have a short life, innovation is continuously needed and not every digital baking transformation project will be a resounding success thus “the threat of Fintechs” should be turned into opportunities and banking services should evolve with the need of the consumer contrary to what legacy systems in classical banking are built on.

Hilda will also join our 6th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit on 29th – 30th November 2022 in Dubai where she will be sharing her case study on FinTech Trends Affecting the Future of Banking

Hilda Maalouf Melki is a Head of Strategic Media, Communication & Sustainability at Bank of Beirut Group. With a background in Finance and Corporate Banking, Hilda Maalouf Melki expanded her career over several years of service to start the first internally housed advertising/PR/ and communication agency for a Lebanese Alpha Bank and its subsidiaries including a financial institution, a digital business entity, an insurance arm, and independent international banks.
Hilda is a firm believer in the power of many and teamwork and hence leads a dedicated full fledge team of strategists, digital experts, art directors, and developers who together offer an unmatched brand experience.
She has an unrelenting thrive for empowering people to embrace new challenges and achieve success at all levels, pushing them to develop communication strategies that catalyze broad impact through the sharing of effective ideas and practices.
Her high-energy practical strategies challenge peers and engage the corporation to leverage its focus on key communication areas. She is known for her useful solutions and the best value impact proposition.
It is true that motivation is what gets you started to put into practice strategic thinking and creative communication

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