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Building a new customer-centric culture in a post pandemic reality

What are the most efficient ways to collect data from your customers in order to develop the products your consumers need?

Through the market survey, outbound calls, Online, customer transaction data, social media and In-Store.

How has your company been dealing with the effects of the pandemic and do you feel more prepared for any future unpredictable circumstances?

Providing our clients with the same high level of service they have come to expect from us while protecting the health and safety of both our clients and staff at the height of the pandemic was the greatest challenge. COVID-19 has fundamentally shifted the way we interact with our customers, with more and more transaction banking done digitally through mobile, internet and self-service channels. Our goal is that customers should be able to seamlessly do 100% of their banking without having to visit a branch and all with a great client experience.
COVID-19 has reaffirmed the investments we have made in digital, people and technology under our strategic plan, as it has given us a degree of resilience and the ability to adapt quickly to capture the changes in customer behaviour that have been accelerated by COVID-19.

Do you agree that genuine care for customers is a key to any successful business? How could we build a customer centric-culture in practice?

Always start with the end-user, the human. Customer-centric- culture is critical to the bank and financial institutions, because, after all, customers are at the center of all banking transactions and payments. The empowered consumer expects control, flexibility, personalization and speed/instantism in their banking and purchasing experiences. And the financial industry is no different. User research helped us to gain insights into the customers’ needs and behaviours so that we can build a compelling value proposition and enable experiences that give them an advantage in the market.
AI continues to raise consumer accessibility and expectations. Now, more than ever before, consumers expect seamless, frictionless and personalized experiences. Technology no longer equals innovation. Users expect that the technology will deliver innovative solutions that speak directly to their needs—sometimes quite literally, with the advent of voice assistants, for instance.


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Ahmed AL SHIMI is a Head of Products, Channels and Business Development at Ahli Bank QSC. He was appointed to this position in 2020. With nearly 20 years of banking and payment industry experience, Ahmed is responsible for product strategy and product innovation for Ahli Bank. He has an extensive experience in developing groundbreaking payments and processing products, driving critical strategic initiatives, digital marketing components of consumer payment programs, including debit, credit and prepaid cards, accelerating revenue growth, reducing costs and creating competitive advantage.

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