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A short article on “not knowing” by Michal Bibliowicz, VP, Global Leadership Programmes at Accor.

As we settle into our new normal, the question of effective leadership is once again under debate. Will leaders walking into our changed future of work require different skills than we thought they would? What does it take to be a good leader during the COVID-19 times?

Uncertainty is here to stay and learning how to embrace it is essential to be able to overcome these challenging times. “Not knowing” what is ahead of us is OK. In fact, many opportunities can unfold themselves, if we are able to explore and be curious about the “unknown”. Being comfortable with uncertainty and “not knowing” is being able to let go of the things that we cannot control.

But…we need to take care of ourselves and our mental & physical well-being, if we want to resist “Burn-out”! If we take care of ourselves, we can then take care of others and get through it together. Finding our “Ikigai” or our “reason for being”, helps us re-focus and re-adjust our purpose and why we wake up in the morning, discovering what gives us energy and motivation.

Of course, vulnerability and empathy, are key in gaining others’ trust during such challenging times. As leaders, we should demonstrate that we are also human, and are facing our own challenges and turmoil of emotions. We are all in this together, so lead with your heart!

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Michal Bibliowicz, VP, Global Leadership Programmes at Accor, works as a leadership consultant and coach on transformational projects, helping leaders become more innovative, authentic and inclusive with their teams and the overall organisation. Michal works with companies such as Accor, HSBC, EY Consulting, Philip Morris,and Docomo Digital globally. Michal is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Hebrew, and working on her French, she loves traveling, sailing, and cooking.

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