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“If we somehow match the talent’s purpose with the company’s purpose, we have a great advantage.” – says ALBERTO PLATZ, VP Global Talent Acquisition & Engagement at Swarovski.

1. Is it easier to identify and acquire talents with social media tools today? Or has it become more of a challenge to acquire the right people?

I don’t think it is easier, I feel it is faster and we have access to more candidates and a lot of information. However, we need to pay attention that not all data we find in Social Media is necessarily true. Still, a good screening is needed, and screening takes time unless we use AI and Machine Learning technologies. Here is where I see the advantage.

Using phone robots at the first interview – What is your opinion on that?

Robots help us to screen, to create short-lists of candidates faster, but can’t replace the final human interview. Robots are good for the company but can have a negative impact on the candidate experience, especially those candidates who are declined without being contacted by humans during the application process and suddenly they are declined without any feedback. The feeling of being declined by a machine is not good.

How do you ensure that the right talent wants to work for your company and not for your competitors?

The cultural fit of the talent to my company is key. If we somehow match the talent’s purpose with the company’s purpose, we have a great advantage. We need to make sure we cover most expectations of the talent who joins us and work on a positive employee experience, from onboarding to development and career advancement opportunities, with fair performance management practices, recognition and reward programmes, and, most importantly, good leadership practices. We need to achieve that our talents feel proud to work in our company.


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