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How to predict and automatically customise to the customer expectations?

What are the most effective ways to use data to create a more personalised experience?

I would say that first and foremost thing to do is to bring clarity on what outcome does the leadership team want to achieve using data. Starting point should always be a clarity of goal and depth of purpose. As there is humongous amount of data being generated, this first step brings the focus on the plan’s effectiveness.  Data can be used for Adhoc decision making or seeking management approvals while making a business case, while it can also help make long term strategic decisions.  So, clarity and outcome focused approach helps you where to look for, and what results are you focusing on. Once you have that and the goal is to personalize the experience itself, then it’s very important that all touch points have a reference of all previous interactions. The next best actions should either be automatically executed or readily available, that’s what helps a customer feel that the company knows them well. Personalized experience can only be possible when you capture the available data in a disciplined manner and have tools to use it for delighting the customer.

How do you think the future customer-centric brand would look?

One size does not fit all, similarly one product or service does not suit everyone. A customer centric brand with the right technology should be able to give freedom of self-customization or provide endless possibilities of mix n match to the subscribers.  Because at the end of the day is not about what we as a brand want to sell but it’s about what a customer wants to buy which suits them. Customer must be given control.

How to leverage digital transformation into building stronger relationships with your customers?

As time passes by, transactional data of each customer from every industry coupled with their geotagged data is becoming available, if used the right way, a provider should be able to predict and automatically customize to the customer expectations. This is where deployment of advanced tools of machine learning and artificial intelligence, comparable to human intelligence will play its role. While we can know what a customer searches more and push more advertisements to them why not use the same data to give them a more customized experience as well even from the cyber space? For example, a company X’s customer searching the web to find a solution to their specific problem should be used to improve the systems and processes and so on. This kind of use of data would be called pre-emptive experience reshaping and I believe will be transformational in nature.

It is a pleasure to have Mian Omer on board of our 9th Annual Customer Experience Management and Customer Loyalty MENA Summit on 8th – 9th November 2022 in Dubai, where he will be sharing his view on Measuring Expectations vs Experience Delivery Personally Yet Digitally.

Mian Omer SHAH is a Head of Transformation at PTCL an Etisalat Company. Omer brings to the table more than 25 years of experience in Digitization, strategic management, team building, communications, and Customer experience. He has worked with multi-national and local organizations in all these areas in senior leadership roles, particularly within the Customer Care in Asia and the Middle East like in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and UAE. As Senior Consultant to the Board in the Middle East and Asia have driven many strategic retentions and care projects, he has a lot of shares which is relevant to the region and helpful globally.

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