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In the last decade, there has been a tremendous shift from paper-based HR to a digital version we know today. But how are we dealing with the huge amount of data?

To what extend is technology changing the ecosystem of HR? How has it benefited the recruitment and selection function?

We have seen a massive transformation of all functions in HR. Of course in recruitment and selection but also in all other functions like administration, reporting, payroll etc.
In recruiting and selection, mobile recruiting, digital recruiting platforms, social media etc. had the largest impact. The biggest benefits of the technology is to have the ability to be able to handle more applications in less time and to use KI for recruiting diagnostics.

How are you dealing with the huge amount of data? How to most efficiently select the most valuable data?

To be honest we are at the step – like most companies I know – of the definition of the data the business really needs. Of course we have a large amount of data in the HR basis systems but the definition of what we really need and how the data has to be in our system landscape is the most important and the most critical part. We try to implement a master data management system and a clear data map to analyse which data we have. In workshops we define together with the different business units use cases to be able to select the most valuable data.

What is the biggest learning in regard to how the pandemic has affected HR?

The need and in some cases the lack of digitalisation became totally obvious.

Where do you see the future of HR?

Digital era has influenced HR in a way we have never seen before. From the digital stone age of paper-based HR processes to AI/KI in less than ten years. HR is increasingly becoming a driver of innovation and companion of the digital transformation. Both in terms of the employee lifecycle and as a partner of the entire company.

Daniel WELLER, Head of HR Digitalisation and Workforce Planning at Lidl has been working in different HR positions for 12 years and his passion is to make operative work a little more efficient every day through digital solutions, both for HR employees and for employees from all areas of the company. He really gets his rest in the mountains, both in the summer when he goes hiking and in the winter when he goes skiing. And of course his three children inspire him anew every day.


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