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A white paper by RAQUEST

Finance is in the midst of a global crisis. More than any other sector, the major financial service providers are fighting for their supremacy in a new world. A world is driven by young FinTechs and the wealth of knowledge of a new generation of digital natives. At the same time, digital application processes and the introduction of TRACE in Finland are making custodian banks struggle.

Learn why custodian banks need to harness the mechanisms of the young guns if they want to win the customer hunt in the long term and uncover unimagined opportunities:

  • Why custodian banks should start digitalizing the withholding tax process now
  • Digitizing the Withholding Tax Process: Seizing Unprecedented Opportunities
  • Digital interface: maximum security, minimum integration effort
  • TRACE: Interfaces Bring Flexibility in a Rapidly Changing World
  • What customers want from banks: service
  • Service first: What private banks in Switzerland are doing better
  • When will custodian banks seize the opportunities?

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RAQUEST GmbH is a vibrant fintech that has developed the leading software for simplifying withholding tax procedures. As a subsidiary of Halvotec Information Services GmbH, RAQUEST has been built by experts in digitization and process automation. We enable financial institutions to process relief at source, quick refund and reclaim of withholding taxes in an automated and highly efficient way – and offer a service that both banks and clients will highly profit from. Many international custodian and private banks rely on RAQUEST to digitize and optimize their backoffice processes.

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