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Defining The Value Of Procurement

Not only is it important to analyse and align internal processes, you should also take into consideration other industries.

What does it take to proactively define the value of procurement?

Go out there and align with business and industry-market to identify main value propositions of suppliers and competitors. Analyse parameters such as costs, innovation, time-to-market and customer intimacy. Focus on one and align internal processes as well as KPI’s with the business. Compare and evaluate, also against other (more innovative) industries.

What are the best strategies to gain value from the procurement process?

Close business understanding and alignment. Jointly define objectives, both short-term and long-term. Dare to propose bold solutions to open up mind-set of an existing organisation. If objectives are defined, double them – or develop from green-field with the perspective of the industry-leader or other industry as a benchmark.

What will procurement and sourcing look like in 2030?

Operationally no further role, all through systems. Tactically guiding business partners in predefined supply-channels (catalogues, preferred partners, processes and system) with an educational and governing mind-set. Strategically developing and establishing new buying channels, closely with business partners.

Marco VAN DER HEIJDEN, Head of Purchasing EU/MIDI at Boehringer Ingelheim is a creative leader with entrepreneurial & challenging spirit. Innovative, broad horizon, public/private industry, cross-cultural interest and international experience. Organisationally sensitive and socially skilled. Managerial and operational guts. Values: Respect, Challenge, Courage & Trust.
He is of Dutch nationality, lives in Alkmaar and is married with three sons. He has worked for 25 years in various industries, held international managerial positions in Purchasing, Contracting and Operations. eMBA degree from Nyenrode Business University & NEVI-3 graduate.

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