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How to embrace the opportunity to create new future platforms, without risk being left a little behind?

How should telecom companies cope with the demand of unique and personalised platforms from telecom services?

We have such deep relationships with our customers. And such great data from our networks and device end points. We need to maximise this and to couple it with digital services metadata for a truly 360 degree view of our customers and their digital preferences and journeys. We need to maintain the trust our customers have in their service providers and work with our partners to enable the safest and fastest and most custom tailored access to digital services.

What is the near future of the IoT adoption and other related technologies in the telecom industry?

IOT and devices are all around us and this will continue. Our abilities are in IOT network deployments and management, but also in delivering other services like security and IOT gateway services and platforms. One area where we can and will help is also in the ability to fuse or combine differing data streams and to normalise and cleanse or filter these streams from the “noise”. For example, 99% of all CCTV footage is not relevant. We can help to reduce the network and bandwidth constraints expected from this explosion in sensor related data. Think of drones and autonomous cars in the future, and you can see where this data explosion is heading.

What changes should we expect in online payment services during the next few years?

As a service provider, we already have our own diverse payment services and also integrate with other payment services. I see the future payment platforms to be supported or led by our industry. These platforms should incorporate payments of all types (at the end the consumer decided how they wish to pay and we have little influence over this). I see consolidation in this world and a lot more of the buy now and pay later schemes to thrive. I think we as an industry have a big role to play in the future of money, I call it MOIP (money over IP). It is one of the biggest disruptions ongoing in our industry, and we should embrace this opportunity, or risk being left a little behind, as was the case with the VOIP dispution circa 15 years ago.

Amir will also join us at the Future Global Network Development Summit on 21st – 22nd September 2022 in Barcelona to share his case study on The Future of Money: Opportunities and Pitfalls for Service Providers.

Amir Peled is a Senior Vice President, Head of Over-the-Top Services at Swisscom. Since May 2018 Amir has been leading the digital partnerships (B2B2C) as head of the OTT team at Swisscom. He is part of the wholesale leadership team and focuses on digital payments, data monetisation, and ppering and transit and caching services at Swisscom. Mainly focusing on digital and media services, the OTT team at Swisscom is a small, very senior, team of Digital professionals focusing on the digital intersection between Telco’s and the global OTT providers. Prior to that Amir spent several years in the field of IOT analytics and solutions with a company called AGT, where he led the global strategic alliances and partnerships team. He led a large alliance with Cisco here for IOT solutions in the areas of smart cities and transportation, and several industrial IOT solutions and initiatives. Amir has an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, is married, has 3 children and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Partnerships and ecosystems are in his DNA and he enjoys building scalable partnerships and ecosystems in the IT Value Added Services and digital domains.

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