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Choosing communication channels depending on customers´ needs and the moment of interaction

What communication channels is your company using for better customer interaction? Which one proved to be the most effective?

At NH Hotel Group, part of Minor Hotels, we build our communications around customer journey – starting from inspiration, following customer path for search and booking, getting the best experience in our hotels and maintaining constant dialogue after guests leave. The array of communication channels depends on customers´ needs and the moment of interaction. For us, it is crucial to have 360 customer view, as guests prompted to use various channels, and so do we. And, of course, guests expect us to communicate with them in smart way. For example, if an issue was already solved via phone call, we are not going to contact a guest with the same topic through email, our systems already reflect this interaction and translate it to omnichannel communication pressure.

Momentum is also important. As another example, imagine a guest has an instant request about their stay. Messaging through WhatsApp is a perfect solution – quick, effective and close. In addition, we communicate through channels which allow maximum personalisation of the content and service. Through email, we deliver personalised offers and transactional messages, such as balance of available loyalty rewards, for example. On the other hand, we can interact directly with guests via social media providing them with information about our services and giving personalised customer support.

How does your company use reviews, referrals and effective rewards to better connect with your customers?

As a company, we have implemented various tools to get customer feedback about their stay, our loyalty program, NH DISCOVERY, or their experience when booking on our website. Further and most important is not only to ask, but also act to constantly improve the level of our service, product, and interactions with our guests. For example, collecting customers’ feedback after their stays allow us to understand which services in a particular hotel should be improved and implement action plans. Or understand if we may need to deliver more training support, or solve concrete customer claims fast and efficiently.

 Should companies design a customer experience that fits their brand or vice versa, and why?

Both objectives should be aligned and they go hand in hand. Because our growth depends directly on the satisfaction of our customers and their loyalty. As a brand we work hard to deliver on our value proposition daily. And our customers´ needs are an inspiration to expand our services, catch on consumer travel trends and constantly innovate.

A good example of the above would be our approach to the revamp of our loyalty program, NH DISCOVERY. In 2022 we joined Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) and expanded our loyalty value proposition. So now we offer our members access to over 800 hotels and resorts entering GHA, with a possibility to earn and redeem their DISCOVERY Dollars not only at NH but across more than 40 different brands of the aliance worldwide offering our NH DISCOVERY members much more new destinations with exciting offers and experiences.

Ganna is also joining the 13th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty & Retention Summit on 14th – 15th June 2023 in Barcelona, to share more of her insights on Retaining and Engaging Customers Through Loyalty Program

Ganna Koval is a Director of Loyalty Programs at NH Hotel Group. At this global position she took the instrumental role in the revamp and implementation of NH DISCOVERY loyalty program for 350+ hotels worldwide, including system integration, implementation of new program brand identity, set up of new procedures and membership services for over 10 million members. Ganna has 18+ years of experience leading marketing, loyalty and CRM projects in hospitality, retail and restaurant brands. Passionate about travel, discovering different cultures and learning new languages.

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