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How to develop customer-specific marketing materials?

How much do you think sales and marketing models will change soon?

We think that face-to-face contacts will continue to play a major role in Pharma Marketing.

Also, Multichannel Marketing continues to grow and support the face-to-face contacts from the Sales Reps. A skill and behaviour change are necessary for the Sales & Marketing departments to reach. We think that the HCP´s with the right message and the right frequency will be very important.

There will be a huge change away from the same product advertising for everyone towards customer-specific addressing (wording) with strong consideration of the interests of the individual customer (content).

How can pharma companies leverage multichannel communication to improve their patient’s experience?

We think that pharma companies could start with the creation of simple/barrier-free dialogue options between patients, doctors and pharmaceuticals such as chat, email, telephone…

Additionally, the product/application information could be provided with simple, patient-understandable words, pictures, or videos.

Additionally, it might be helpful to promote compliance, e.g., through a reminder service, subscription models for medication refills for chronic illnesses.

What are the characteristics of a successful commercial team of the future?

Overall, we think it is important to maximise opportunities, embrace change and use Change Management tools. It will help to develop customer-specific marketing materials. A faster collaboration between Sales & Marketing teams will have a huge impact on the success. With all that, we explore new experiences and conduct pilot projects in the Pharma Market. We can strike a balance between face-to-face and multichannel contacts.

A successful team works with high flexibility in customer care. This means it has a frequency of visits, a channel mix and specific content for the customer. The team is considering individual customer interests. Other characteristics might be a preferred use of the interaction channels desired by the customer, a provision of different/customisable marketing materials and an involvement of all healthcare providers in training/awareness activities (doctors, MFAs, pharmacists/PTAs, patient organisations…).

The focus should be undermined on improving patient care in faster diagnoses, simple application/medication (for doctor and patient), related (digital and personal) service offers (beyond the pill).

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