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Why should banks empower Back Office employees to take more responsibility for the customers?

What is the role of the back office in creating the right banking solutions for the customers?

Back Office plays a significant role in constantly improving the customer journeys and thereby the banking solution and processes. The tendency is to empower Back Office employees to take more responsibility for the customers as most of the customer experiences are created in back office through the different customer touch points in the implemented value chain.

What are the benefits of shifting from a process-driven quality assurance model to a customer outcome framework?

The benefit is to cater for the pains of the customers – not too much or too little. Customer outcome framework ensures a common vision, roadmap and prioritization across the organization as the customer journey goes across several units / Silos in the Bank.

What are the biggest challenges of customers’ changing needs, and how do they influence back-office processes?

The biggest challenge of customers changing needs is definitely “frequency”. The Bank need to be able to change faster than before in regard to small incremental improvements. This will most likely call for another organizational structure in Back Office.

During our 14th Annual Operational & Back Office Excellence in Banking Summit on 26th - 27th April 2023 in Vienna, Jakob will be sharing his case study devoted to the topic of Back Office Excellence from a Customer-Centric View

Jakob Aarup Petersen is a Group Executive Vice President Sydbank Operations at Sydbank. During the past years, he has focused on operational excellence with different purposes for digitalization and automation. Today Jakob is a Group Executive Vice President enabling Sydbank Operations to anchor all process elements around our strategic customer experience ambition throughout the value chain. Sydbank Operations is organised around the Agile Way of Working and self-organised development teams, which are his key competencies.

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