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First and foremost, the Managing Director needs to believe in the efforts of digital transformation and only then you can apply next steps.

What are the key enablers in successful digital transformation?

From my experience, the main engine, for a start, in the digital strategy in the company is that the Managing Director believes in this project.
Secondly, it is someone who leads the project and can dedicate his/her time to do that.
Thirdly, time to implement and people seeing the results.
Other point should be defining the objectives, goals and KPIs for monitoring the strategy & implementation.

What are the key steps in becoming more customer-centric?

Putting the customers in the centre (knowing their needs), organising and developing projects and activities add value for them.

How to achieve meaningful multichannel engagement?

Developing different activities and different services for the customer using the appropriate channel for each of the activities (F2F, Apps, websites, e-detailing, chatbot, webinars, …)

Sara MONTERO LOPEZ, Business Unit Director at Lundbeck has over 15 years of experience at multinational pharmaceutical companies, where she has developed a career increasing her responsibility, leading change and adding value in the organisation to enhance a successful commercial model, with proven capacity to lead marketing and sales teams.
Sara is highly involved and goal-oriented, as well as skilled in collaboration with people, engaging and motivating when it comes to getting people on board across teams and functions.

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