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Open collaboration is certainly important in customer engagement, but do not forget about regular communication with your customer through different channels, depending on their preference.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in pharma customer experience nowadays?

Lots of new and innovative tools, however, the old fashioned ways of interacting are still the most impactful and often preferred ones.

Which are the key enablers to become more customer-centric?

When it comes to engaging with patient representatives who are the ultimate customers, what helps is an open collaboration and projects which are win-win for both, the pharma company and the patient representative/group.

How to improve customer engagement?

Ensure regular communication through a mix of face-to-face, telephone and email contacts.

What trends can we expect in pharma CEM in the near future?

Patient representatives will become ever more influential in shaping the direction that pharma companies and physicians take.

Emanuele DEGORTES is the Head of Patient, Innovation and Access Policy at Vifor Pharma in charge of developing and implementing the company’s government affairs and patient advocacy strategy.
Previously he led the European Government Affairs activities at Biogen and held a number of roles in consultancies and trade associations in Brussels.
Emanuele is passionate about the role of policy in shaping healthcare systems and every year runs a film festival on a deserted island off the coast of Sardinia.

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