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Customer expectations are changing not only with the time but also with the place

What are your most valuable tips for successful product customization?

Hear your customer not just your experiences.

How do you think consumer behaviors and expectations will change in the near future?

I expect current trend continuation – digital experience, simple & secure, some services will be more and more hidden = become natural part of the process e.g., payment during shopping (today´s card transaction is much faster than years ago BUT still space to do it more invisible).

How can banks turn their ideas from their emerging-market subsidiaries into global products?

If they do so, need to have a strong global appearance or partner. You can see many solutions which can be more or less successful locally, but not successful if expanding to new markets. Why? Customer needs are different and you have to find a large group with the same needs as a base for success.


Do not miss Marek’s case study dedicated to the approach for implementing product innovations based on the existing abilities, and unique assets and focus on a special target group at our 9th Annual Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit on 14th – 15th September 2022 in Vienna.

Marek PECHLÁT is a Card Products and Value Proposition Chapter Lead at Komerční banka (Société Générale). He is a senior business leader with over 20 years of experience in card business, project management and business development. Successful in achieving agreed targets, motivating teams, growing business, development and implementation of new products and innovations. Marek is very communicative and possesses great presentation and negotiation skills.

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