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Even though content and excellent copywriting is the first answer to come to mind, contextuality is also not be overlooked.

Which KPI’s are driving customer experience at your company?

While we have been tracking regular business KPI’s like NPS, subscriber acquisition cost (SAC), attrition rates, web traffic and campaign conversions, one of the additional ones that we have introduced recently in the company is the customer effort score. This new metric helps to directly help us understand amount of effort customers are putting in regular engagement across multiple channels that they approach our brand for transactional activities.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

Everyone knows importance of “content”, which is built on basis of good copywriting and creative output. With increased experimentation and A/B testing best content is easy to develop. For us “contextuality” is extremely important and hence reaching out to customer when he is either exploring the brand, interacts, engages or shows sign of diss-engagement is extremely importantly.

How are you implementing Omni channel approach in the customer journey?

Consistency in providing same level of optimum user experience across all channels is a now not a luxury but a necessity. While most of our customers are acquired offline, however for transactions we keep seeing them switching between digital and offline channels. Hence as part of our digital optimization, omni-channel is one of key ingredients

Hassan JAAFAR, Head of CRM & Customer Insights at Lebara has extensive global industry and consulting experience in areas of Strategic Planning, Analytics and Insights, Customer Value Management, Brand Management and Go to market with industry leading and challenging brands spanning across 3 continents in growing & saturated markets. His experience largely includes working in subscription business in shape of Telecommunications and Media but additionally has spent 3 years in Retail sector with P&G. Currently he is heading CRM & Insights team at Lebara and is globally responsible for CRM related capability development, increasing customer engagement and improving retention.

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