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The hidden benefits of customer centricity

Do pharma companies need to re-write the existing customer engagement models?

In my opinion, the most effective approach is to continuously improve the customer engagement model (CEM) within the organization by considering current and future trends.

If the organization is catching up, simply tweaking the current CEM won’t be enough. Teams should take a step back and re-evaluate the CEM using comprehensive insights from healthcare professionals, patients, and beyond the pharmaceutical industry.

The implementation of the new CEM should be pragmatic, as its adoption will depend heavily on customer’s behavior on one side and company’s people and culture on the other side.

What are the most common mistakes pharma professionals make in terms of customer engagement?

One mistake that comes to my mind is the ‘ivory tower syndrome,’ where pharmaceutical professionals who are disconnected from the ‘field’ may redesign customer engagement based on their own past experiences or generic market research data. This can result in failing to tailor messages to the actual needs of customers and remaining too superficial.

What are the main challenges and benefits of taking a more customer-centric and digitally-enabled approach?

From what I’ve experienced, the advantages remain a bit too theoretical at this point as our journey is not over yet. However, providing accurate information and services to healthcare professionals can translate into increasing meaningful contacts, building trust towards our organization, and making our brands more desirable.

The benefits of customer centricity are often hidden behind the challenges of the transformation it requires. Freeing time for increasing external focus, funneling a cross-functional collaboration, shifting the culture and educating the organization, allocating resources and scaling up the model to support affiliates efficiently are some of the exciting challenges this transformational journey is about.

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Rodolphe Janssens is a Director Commercial Operations at Gilead Sciences. Three years ago, he endorsed the role of Commercial Operations Director at Gilead Belgium. With the support of a skilled team, I oversee digital development, analytics and insights, commercial excellence and product distribution. Their core focus is on digital transformation, data learning and process simplification.

Before joining Gilead, he built a solid foundation in brand commercialization (10+ years) and in medical affairs (5 years). Rodolphe also developed expertise in digital and social media, cross-functional stakeholder management, and people management while working for various pharmaceutical organizations. Overall, he is contributing to a healthier society through his work.

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