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Intelligent automation with a human touch

How banking industry could benefit from intelligent automation?

There are great opportunities regarding intelligent automation such as AI and RPA. We see that particularly banks with large scale customer base face recurring various transactions which consume too many FTEs. RPA projects can be good solutions in order to shift from human effort to efficient digital processes. On the other hand, AI projects may enable the banking industry to understand customer behaviours and provide a seamless customer experience. For instance, there are promising robo-advisory tools which are supported by AI in the banking industry.

How can AI enhance ROI, speed up the development process and ensure product development optimisation?

AI can be applicable to handle countless pain points of customer experience. To illustrate, in most cases customer services are designed to be efficient in terms of time and human effort. However, AI can help process designers to decide which customers to serve instantly and who will serve them. If a customer who has low financial literacy but has great profit potential calls customer contact Center, AI may select which representative fits customer profile best and how he/she should manage this customer’s experience.

Are we at the end of human influence in the banking industry? Can we say that digital channels are the only way of sales and service processes?

I believe that human touch still remains crucial in banking industry, especially in sales processes. A significant number of customers feel more comfortable when they get service by competent customer representatives at many steps of their experience. Orchestration of human touch and digital services enables seamless coverage of customer needs. In order to boost sales, banking marketing professionals may focus more and more on new projects which are based on integrating employee efforts, digital channels and advanced analytics.


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Sadık BAŞ is a Head of Retail Banking Segment Management at Garanti BBVA with 15 years of experience in the banking industry. Sadık has major expertise and proven background in marketing management, business development, agile project management and sales management by particularly focusing on advanced analytics such as AI, machine learning and algorithms. Sadık has a great passion for innovative marketing ideas, creating seamless customer experiences and creating autonomous teams for excellent work outcomes.

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