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Technical improvements and innovations are making relationships with suppliers easier and more efficient. But there is still the issue of the huge amount of data.

What is the biggest issue your company is facing while establishing close relationship with key suppliers?

The perception of the supplier about your value to him, as building close relationship must be the target and aim of both parties. Building a relationship with suppliers who see you as noisy will not have any value or any benefit. In order to build a relation with a supplier, he should see you as strategic to him as you see him a key supplier to you in order for this process to succeed and gain momentum. So choosing the right supplier in order to establishing close relationship with is the biggest issue my company is facing.

How do recent technological innovations, such as advanced analytics, integrated suites and machine learning, create new opportunities for supplier relationship management?

Of course, technological innovations enhanced the process of supplier relationship management. The a/m innovations enabled the organisations to forecast future events and behaviours, enabling them to conduct what-if analyses to predict the effects of potential changes in business strategies and as a result provide more probable accurate future information between both parties which will enhance the trust, credibility & business performance between them and as a result create new opportunities of SRM. On the other hand, advanced analytics practices are becoming more widespread as enterprises continue to create new data at a rapid rate. Now that many organisations have access to large stores of data, or big data, they can apply predictive analytics techniques to understand their operations at a deeper level thus transmit more solid information to the other party will also lead to enhancing SRM.

Where do you see procurement post-pandemic?

I believe there will be major changes in procurement post-pandemic: e-procurement will not be an option, dependence on local suppliers will increase, building close relations with key suppliers will be mandatory in order to face the new challenging competitive high changes era, and enhancing CSR for organisations will be a must.

Dr.Aboelgheit, General Manager from ENPPI, is a Senior Consultant specialising in Strategic Management & Supply Chain Management. He is internationally recognised as an inspirational speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator and conference presenter. Dr. Aboelgheit has over 20 years of work experience in the field of strategic management, procurement, supply chain management & project management in major multinational companies. After earning his bachelor’s degree in engineering – electric power section, followed by a master degree in Business Administration – Marketing Specialisation, Dr. Aboelgheit earned a doctorate degree in Business Administration – Management specialisation. On the other hand, Dr. Aboelgheit is certified as International Supply Chain Manager & International Procurement Manager from IPSCMI. He currently holds the position of Assistant General Manager for Procurement at ENPPI Petroleum Company Egypt. This added to his experience in the different functions of procurement & supply chain management including purchasing, contract management, logistics, inventory management as well as supplier performance management. As a freelance, Dr. Aboelgheit has distinctive expertise in strategic management, project management, interpersonal skills, marketing, operations and supply chain management. He has participated in many training courses, workshops and conferences in cooperation with international and authorised training and consultation companies. Quoting Dr. Aboelgheit, the success and prosperity of any organisation lies in the human element, hence training and continuing education is the only guarantee for the progress of societies.

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