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Acquiring The Right People

With the help of social media, it is easier to reach out to talents, but with this new amount of potential candidates, it is also necessary to identify those who really match what you are looking for.

1. Is it easier to identify and acquire talents with social media tools today? Or has it become more of a challenge to acquire the right people?

With the social media we reach out to more talents than before, then we need to make sure we can nail down to the real competences we need. It really depends to the profile we are looking for.

Using phone robots at the first interview – What is your opinion on that?

It depends what kind of profile you want to hire, for repetitive work it might be a possibility.

How do you ensure that the right talent wants to work for your company and not for your competitors?

• Onboarding
• Offering a career perspective
• Leadership we express
• Competence Development programmes

ROSARIA BONIFACIO is a VP Human Resources at Nokia. She is a results oriented, intercontinental business professional leading strategic human capital initiatives for multinational Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies. Proven success as a proactive change agent driving effective organizational transformation for progressive business models. Versatile team builder with a passion for developing and empowering multicultural teams. Experience in a variety of industries: telecomunication, oil and gas, medical equipment, consulting.


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