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Pharma Businesses are operating significantly better and faster relying on data

How could regulatory affairs professionals benefit from an improved data strategy?

Digital transformation is drastically changing the way businesses operate, for the better. Benefiting from the experience of the most advanced companies in operating such a shift, and with making proficient use of latest technologies, Pharma Businesses now have the opportunity to rely on data and continually operate significantly better and faster, at a much lesser cost and with optimized resources like it has never been possible before.

What potential does digital transformation hold for regulatory affairs professionals?
Digital transformation is a technology-enabled revolution in the way that a business is now able to invest in collecting timely, meaningful, structured information and leverage on such new data-driven practices to substantially improve ways of working and deliver tremendous benefits in terms of business efficiency, automation, information exchange and reuse or decision-making.


During our 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summit, on 26th - 27th October 2022 in Vienna, Quentin will be joining us to share his case study on Regulatory Business Strategy towards Digital Transformation.

Quentin DARRASSE is a Global Quality Manager for Regulatory Operations at Roche. He is a French pharmacist with 10 years of experience in the field of Regulatory Information Management and a strong appetite for Data and Technology. As a Data Strategy Principal for Regulatory at Roche Pharma, his focus is on taking the implementation and development of RIM and MDM technology solutions as an opportunity to transition to digital ways of working, better data-driven, connected and automated. Quentin spends his free time creating virtual experiences with no code technologies, producing music and skating downhill.

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